Pledge Class Project

Tanner, MikePledge Class Project The Alumni Association is working to catalog all the pledge classes throughout the history of DRU, from Harold Hamilton and the Pioneer Club to the latest class of 2017. Our goal is to share this body of work with our members on to serve as a historical record.

While members of DRU possess a wide variety of talents, record keeping has not been at the forefront. There have been many transitions throughout our storied past including name changes and house changes, and with all of these transitions, some information does not always follow in step. The records we do have are incomplete and again we turn to our membership to help fill in the gaps. We are close to compiling the information we currently have and will have these list available at Homecoming so be sure to take a look and do what you can to help fill in the blanks.

In order to facilitate this project, the Alumni Association is instituting an Adopt-A-Pledge-Class program. The outline of this program is to assign a prior pledge class to a current pledge and/or active member and it is their responsibility prior to activation to reach out to each member of the pledge class that he has been assigned to get to know the Alumni in the class, update the contact records for each individual and to try to get the alumni to come to campus (hopefully for an event) to meet the pledge and reconnect with the group. The pledges would continue as the connection for that pledge class for the entire active experience. We hope this will help bring the past and present closer together and provides an significant opportunity for pledges to contribute to the organization.

Visit the website in the coming weeks for updates regarding the pledge class project and of course reach out to any member of the Alumni board to contribute relevant information.

In Brotherhood,

Mike Tanner Fall 2003