Active / Alumni Dues Reimbursement Program

CRESNOTITLEDear Alumni Association I along with 9 other active members are thankful for your generous offer to cover our dues this semester. We hope to show our appreciation by continuing to embody the best values of our shared fraternal organization. Thanks again. Sincerely Dylan Steichen Dear Alumni Thank you for paying my dues this semester. I am glad you still believe in us and I hope you continue to do so. My brothers and I are putting on a good image for the rest of the campus, and I will continue with my efforts to keep the fraternity alive and in good hands. Thank you Noah Wallen Please be assured that your donations are being put to good use. The Executive Committee for the Alumni Associated voted at on of their last meetings to initiate a dues reimbursement program for the Active Body. The same is structured as follows: The 10 Active members with the highest number of Panther points (previously know as House Points) at the end of the semester who meet the following criteria will have their upcoming semester dues paid by the Alumni Association. To receive dues payment an Active must:

  • Be in good standing with the school for both the semester they accumulated the points as well as the upcoming semester, and
  • Be a full time student for both the semester they accumulated the points as well as the upcoming semester, and
  • Have attended at least 2 work project organized by the Vice President, and
  • Have attended at least 3 volunteer events organized by the Vice President, and
  • Be current in their fraternity dues, and
  • Must have a grade point of 2.25, and
  • Must not have taken senior standing.

The top 10 Panther Points award winners last semester were: Dylan Steichen, Tristan Petrauskas Noah Wallen, Nathan Reid, Eric Benson, Alex Reid, Jordan Cates, Trevor Kosar, Jake Arteaga, Dennis Sherlock Dear Delta Rho Upsilon Alumni Thank you for the assistance with my dues for the 2017 spring semester. Your generosity is well received by the active body as we hope to continue the rich history that has been past down from generation to generation. Delta Rhos through life. Fraternally Yours, Dennis Sherlock Dear John, Please thank the alumni association for providing such a reward, it really helped motivate our members to be involved and hold themselves accountable.

Jordan Cates President, Delta Rho Upsilon Fraternity