Homecoming 2017


Over 60 Alumni members of the Delta Rho Upsilon Fraternity, joined the 40 actives members and the 10 pledges over the Carroll University Homecoming weekend. If you were there we were glad to see you. If you didn’t come, we missed you.

We were particularly glad to welcome back Bruce Dennert, Lon Hachmeister, and Ken Bagge from the Class of 1967.

Although the weather did not cooperate, the Actives did making the Alumni feel welcome. Special thanks to Scott Polebitski, Bob Taylor, Jordan Brovick, and Jeff Stark for all the efforts to make the weekend a success.

We still have shirts for sale if you are interested, please feel free to contact John Macy at jmacy@ammr.net.

We gather next for the Active-Alumni History event January 27, 2017 from 2 until 6 at the Clubhouse. It is a chance for the Alumni to hear what is currently happening at the Fraternity and for the Alumni to share the stories from the past. Please mark your calendar and plan on joining us.

Yours in Brotherhood
John Macy