DRU Work Project to Organize the Fraternity History Collection

Five Actives: Mitch Nasgovitz, David Holzem, Zach Penkwitz, Jacob Woulfe, & Evan Klumb and Four Alumni: Jeff Stark, Robert Taylor, Jim Lucchesi and John Macy worked on Saturday, February 1, 2020 for hours to organize the history collection.  Great progress was made but we are not done yet.

Once all of the materials are organized and categorized,  the goal is to post as much of the archive as we can on our website.  Active Holzem had the quote of the day after reviewing the scrapbooks but we can’t print the same here!  Bob Taylor summarized the day as follows: “Sure enjoyed the gathering and seeing the old DRU stuff.  We were sure in the golden age of DRU history. Unbelievable alumni and active leadership.  Greatest bunch of guys.   New frat house.   School loved us.  Maybe that’s why the fire burns so brightly for the group in our hearts, as we had the mountain-top experience.