DRU Trip to AFLV Central Conference

Four Actives: Josh Becker, Andrew Junkans, Mason Oaks, & Sevan Ozartun went to Indianapolis, Indiana to participate in the AFLV Central conference.sign up

The actives sat in on many sessions on how to better the chapter.  Sessions discussed breaking old habits, healthy masculinity, how to effectively run a meeting, & recruiting strategies.  Active Oaks said, “It’s really cool to see so many people from around the country that are willing to help us make our chapter better.”  Outside of the education sessions, the actives went out and explored the city and met new people from different chapters.  The goal of this trip was to show the younger actives how to make improvements to the chapter in as many ways as they can.  Active Ozartun said that it would be of great benefit to send new actives on the same trip when it is affordable, as they can continue to learn new ways to make a positive change in the organization & Greek Life overall.