Alumni Update

The Alumni Association has been working very hard trying to stay connected with all our members throughout the years. Our list of members with valid contact information stands at ~575 and unfortunately, hasn’t changed much since the last article. This highlights the importance of keeping our records current and informing the Alumni Association of a change in residence so that we may update our records. We rely on our current membership to help the Alumni Association reach out to friends and pledge brothers to encourage them to provide their current contact information.

The fraternity website ( contains an “Update Info” button that makes it easy to input your information into a form that can be added directly to our database. The website also contains a list of men who were members at one point or another, but we have no valid contact information for them or any information other than a name. We believe that of the almost 600 people that read this communication, someone will have information on at least one person they can pass along to the Association. So please take the time to read through the list and recognize the name of a brother you’re still in contact with.

Electronic communication has become the norm for reaching out to a large audience and we have embraced this form of communication because it allows us to communicate events and interesting news easily. Currently, we have email addresses for only 50% of our ~600 names. If you provide nothing else, please consider supplying your current email address. The active body hosts many events throughout the year and would love to see more alumni stop by and show their support.

As always, the information you provide is only used by the Alumni Association to contact its membership, we will never give your information to any other parties.

In summary, I ask of you the following:

  • Supply a current email address
  • Update your info on
  • Check the website for names of past members you’re still in touch with

As always, we will never publish or give out your information to any mailing lists or to the school. This information is strictly for use by the Delta Rho Upsilon Alumni Association.

In Brotherhood,

Mike Tanner Fall 2003