Active – Alumni Pizza Parties

The DRU Alumni organization will again be hosting Pizza Parties at the Clubhouse and inviting all Active members and DRU alums to a monthly eat & greet (2-3X/semester on dates and times to be announced) to share memories and lively conversation. For alums that have attended recently, (to name a few) Norm Goeshko, Ron Engel, Dave Rosenwald, Gary Marquardt, and Jim Toth (Hey that’s almost like a Peace with Grease reunion!), along with “regulars” like John Macy, Scott Mohr, Mike Tanner, and of course everybody’s Housefather, Jeff Stark, its a great time to share memories, meet our very engaging active members and talk about the fun and challenges of being a DRU brother in 2017.

Hope to see you there!

Bob Taylor Pledge Class Fall 1973

P.S. For those of you reading this and are graduates of the 40’s, 50’sor 60’s, and have in your possession a 10 x 12 copy of one or more of the following year’s DRU composites, please let us know so we might be able to get a copy, as these are missing: 1967, 1961, 1957 and earlier. We’d love to have a complete set on hand for our website, Homecoming, and our History event. Thanks Bob