Delta Rho Upsilon Website

2014-Webb,WyattOver the years, the Delta Rho Upsilon website located at has had many faces. Like many websites run by volunteers, there were times when the site was a great place to go for information and others when it was completely out of date. The alumni association does try and keep it as up to date with the information we have. However, being a site hosted by a single alumnus at his cost there are obvious limitations, so you can help. I encourage any alumni that have suggestions for improvement to let me know. I welcome additional volunteers with IT or website design experience to lend a hand, so please contact me so we can collaborate on ways to work together! The membership mailing list serve has been moved to MailChip, so you’ll see messages from they’ll have MailChip branding on them for now. Again, if others have resources to help let me know. We will continue to strive to keep the site fresh and up to date. Please take a minute and visit the site and let me know if you have any thoughts.

Wyatt Webb